ASML in Berlin offers:

Vocational training and dual study

Do you want to learn a future-oriented profession? Preferably at one of the world's leading companies in the high-tech sector of optical technologies? Welcome to ASML in Berlin!

Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship or would like to complete a dual study program - exciting tasks, highly qualified colleagues, and the best future prospects await you at ASML!

With us, you will learn to work in a team and to take on challenging tasks independently. Experienced trainers will support you at all times. If you perform well, there is nothing to stop us from taking you on board.

High-quality training is very important to us. As confirmation of this, ASML Berlin GmbH has received the "Excellent Training Quality" seal from the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the second time in a row.


Precision optician (Berlin site)   

Eagle eye

Can you imagine how much technical know-how and exquisite craftsmanship goes into one of the tiny little cameras that doctors use to explore the inside of the human body?
Would you have known that there are satellites that transmit information using laser beams, and that these satellites require the precise work and all the professional skill of precision opticians?
Ausbildung zum Feinoptiker/zur Feinoptikerin bei Berliner Glas

Ausbildung bei Berliner Glas

Precision is what counts
Precision opticians produce high-quality and extremely precise optical components from a fascinating base material: glass. These components are used in a large number of optical devices and systems.
Following your training with us as a precision optician, you will be one of the most highly valued professionals we know, capable of handling not only glass but also modern industrial ceramics, which play a major role in semiconductor production, for instance.
Searched for and found?
We go by one principle: We are not training you to be hired elsewhere. Instead, if you performed well during your training, we want to offer you a job in our precision production department. 
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Cutting machine operator (Berlin site)   

Machine whisperer

Marcel stands in front of a huge ultrasound-assisted CNC milling center and records data for the control unit on the monitor. Through the machine's armored window, one can see how the spindle starts to move and grind intricate structures into a ceramic block at an incredible speed of 40,000 revolutions per minute, accurate to a few thousandths of a millimeter. "In the future, our customer will manufacture microchips on this ceramic block," the young man explains.

Berliner Glas bildet Zerspanungsmechaniker/innen aus

Ausbildungsberuf Zerspanungsmechaniker/Zerspanungsmechanikerin bei Berliner Glas

Processes and programs
To operate this highly complex machine, Marcel first learned how to work as a cutting machine operator. After training on "classic" metallic materials, he was introduced step by step in our milling shop to very difficult machining processes involving brittle or hard materials like glass, ceramics, and glass ceramics.
He was also trained on various programming languages used to control manufacturing processes. Like his colleagues in the CNC department, he is now a valued expert in his field.
Is this the right thing for you?
Could you imagine investing your interest and fascination for modern technologies in this profession?   
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Industrial management assistant (Berlin site)  


"I know everyone here." Vanessa laughs. "Even in my first year of training, I got to know the marketing, accounting and HR departments. I also spent a few weeks on the shop floor. That was very helpful for learning how the company works.”
She explains that she got to know the entire company over the course of her training and now has an excellent understanding of all the business' processes. "Everything is connected. If there are issues with purchasing, there will also be difficulties at the end of the chain, in sales. That is what I have come to realize, and that is what is so fascinating about this training."

Berliner Glas bildet Industriekaufleute aus

One for all
After completing their training, industrial management assistants are expected to understand the company's entire value chain. This ranges from production planning and developing and verifying sales processes to controlling investment and financing processes and managing human resources.
After training, anyone who has learned how to complete tasks like these will not have any difficulty in finding a suitable professional field in which to specialize and distinguish themselves.

Management assistant in warehousing and logisitcs (m/f/d) (Berlin site)

Warehouse professional

Receiving, unpacking, storing, picking and shipping goods - nothing goes in or out without passing your scrutiny. You know where everything goes and you help get it there.
Did you know that we help you get your forklift driver's license?  

Ausbildung zur Fachkraft Lagerlogistik bei Berliner Glas

Well-organizes - quickly found
As a management assistant in warehousing and logistics (m/f/d), you work in our incoming and outgoing goods departments as well as directly in our warehouse. In the incoming goods department, you receive, inspect and check goods, store them properly, or take them directly to the place where they are needed. In addition, your duties in the outgoing goods department include working with colleagues from the export/import and shipping departments, filling out shipping documents, and loading trucks safely.
Working at the central interface between all incoming and outgoing goods and merchandise, you occupy an indispensable position.  

Dual study in mechanical engineering (Berlin site)

The first part of the program at the School of Economics and Law focuses on the basic building blocks and methods of product development and manufacturing process design – especially calculation methods, manufacturing processes, production controlling, and design techniques. In addition, this program covers a wide range of knowledge in the mathematical, scientific and technical fields.

The second part of the program then also focuses on interdisciplinary content and specialized knowledge through the use of examples with a close connection to practice. This also includes study projects and a final thesis.

…and practice
In line with the subjects taught at the university, during your practical phases you will work on site in our design department, in metrology, in the development department for production technologies and, last but not least, in one of our business units. This will help you learn the entire process from product development to delivery of the finished product.
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Dual study in business administration / industry (Berlin site)

The program at the School of Economics and Law includes all the basic subjects of a university education in business administration. In addition, findings from social and behavioral science which are relevant to business administration are also taught.

Topics like materials management, production management and logistics, marketing, human resources policy as well as finance and accounting are compulsory at the basic level and are offered as an elective in the specialization level of the program.

...and practice
In addition to the subjects you study, you will be working in all relevant company areas during your practical phases. You will have the opportunity to put what you learned in school into practice in our marketing, human resources, materials management, and financial accounting and controlling departments.
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Dual study in business informatics (Berlin site)

The complex business processes of companies, integrated into increasingly globalized economic structures, require fast, well thought-out and highly integrated IT processes. In addition, development in information technology has momentum., Companies must adapt to this if they want to survive on the market.

The course of study at the Berlin School of Economics and Law covers both wide-ranging basic topics of business administration as well as important topics like business information systems, for example programming, databases, operating systems and computer networks.

The in-depth modules of the program cover software engineering, IT management, business process modeling, large application system design, data warehousing, and e-business.

…and practice
Our IT department provides services to all areas of the company. Here you will get to know all our important IT systems: Our ERP system supports business processes from purchasing to sales, manufacturing, accounting, shipping and service.

There are also support systems and software for corporate communications, technical development, human resources and production. You will get to know all of these during your practical phases.
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